CSS Profile

Not all colleges will require the CSS Profile. Check with the colleges you are interested in to see if it is required.

When to complete the CSS Profile:

  • Start your CSS Profile by visiting cssprofile.org at least two weeks before the earliest college or scholarship priority application date you need to meet. This date is the college or program's deadline for submitting a completed CSS Profile application.

How much it costs

  • Submitting your CSS Profile to one college or scholarship program costs $25.00
  • Additional reports are $16 each
  • First-year undergraduate college applicants whose parents live in the U.S. may be eligible for a CSS Profile fee waiver. Fee waivers are provided to students who qualified for an SAT fee waiver; or to students whose parental income reported on their CSS Profile falls within the federal reduced-price or free lunch program guidelines; or to students who are an orphan or ward of the court and under the age of 24. CSS Profile fee waivers cover all application and reporting fees. To qualify for the SAT-based fee waiver, students must log in to CSS Profile using the same account used for the SAT. Providing eligible students with fee waivers for College Board programs and services is integral to our mission of connecting students to college success and opportunity.